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Live Acts

Indian Music For A Modern And Diverse Audience

The perfect choice for a sundowner, or a classy private event

Solo Electronica Set

This is mellow Indian electronica at its best. Perfect for a sundowner at a festival or a private event. This electronic + live act with a mix of original music and instrumental Bollywood covers has been a huge hit at weddings.

Empty Cafe

Empty Cafe is the brainchild of Gandhaar Amin and guitar player Vinay Kaushal. Born out of a musical partnership of over 15 years, this is the perfect kind of music for a cozy private event. It's music that will take you on a journey, while making you feel earthy and grounded.

Bollywood Instrumental Duo

Soothing and heart warming Bollywood tunes played on the flute and piano. This has been a hit at weddings and corporate events that require music that the guests are familiar with, but presented in a unique way.

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